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Brian Michael Bendis discharged from Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

posted Dec 20, 2017, 6:51 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Vu

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS (Digital) (03 Feb 2015)
DC Comics
Comic writer Brian Michael Bendis has been discharged from Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, after spending over two weeks in the hospital: "16 days in the hospital, 2 visits to the ICU, MRSA, sepsis, blind for 4 days." 

Of course, he spent some of his time at the hospital re-reading comic books, including Crisis on Infinite Earths: "I am literally sitting in my sickbed reading crisis on infinite earths. I swear to God I did the same in 1985."

Bendis has been a huge George Perez and John Byrne fan, as noted with his interview from 2009: "Guys like John Byrne or George Perez. You know what I mean? I only bought Wonder Woman when George Perez did Wonder Woman. And when John Byrne left Fantastic Four to Superman, I left Fantastic Four to go read Superman."