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Bruce Timm discusses Wonder Woman animated movie

posted Jan 15, 2009, 2:33 PM by Vu Sleeper

Bruce Timm discusses Wonder Woman animated movie
January 15th, 2009 Author David Pepose

Warner Home Movies has released a new interview with Bruce Timm for the Wonder Woman animated movie, due to be premiered at the New York Comic Con February 6, and distributed on March 3, 2009.



QUESTION:  You’re known for revolutionizing the animated look of DC characters in several landmark TV series. What was the thought process behind the character design in this film?

BRUCE TIMM: We didn’t want to do anything that even remotely looked like what we have done with Wonder Woman on Justice League. She presents a challenge because she needs to be drop-dead gorgeous, but also very, very strong both physically and emotionally. She’s a powerful presence and we had to find that balance between athleticism and glamour.

Lauren (Montgomery) really took the lead on the design of Wonder Woman herself, and I think she came up with a very unique approach. It’s not like anything you’ve seen from the comics, though we did look at a lot of the comics for inspiration. We liked the George Perez version and Adam Hughes’ version, and all points in between. But there are a lot of the things that Adam and George brought to the character that were so specific and detail-oriented that they wouldn’t necessarily translate to animation. We wanted to keep the number of lines down to a minimum – to create a relatively simple and straight-forward design. It was quite a challenge, but I think the design Lauren came up with is exactly what it needs to be.