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Captain Comics

posted Dec 10, 2008, 10:41 AM by Vu Sleeper

Captain Comics

Wednesday, December 10,2008

The story of an unassuming fan-boy’s one-of-a-kind collection and the good he plans to do with it

by Bill Castanier 

The first thing you notice about Dan is his smile. It’s a little turned on one side by cerebral palsy, but it lights up the room. He’s usually waiting at the door for your arrival, ready to take you to his tidy, but packed — packed may be an understatement — upstairs storage rooms jammed with an estimated more than 30,000 comics. It’s an estimate, because Dan (last name withheld to protect his identity because he has a fortune in comic art in his house) has given up on counting. “I’m a geek,” Dan proudly exclaims, raising his hands over his head in a comic-book victory sign.


Dan has a strong attachment to his comic art; it was done for him alone, and the artists respect his love of their work. Sketch after sketch is signed, “To Dan.”

Noted artist George Perez, of Florida, visited Dan in Lansing to see his collection, and he wrote an article about him titled “Dan’s Dream” for his own fan magazine. In the article, Perez writes, “You’ve likely seen Dan at those shows, an eternally youthful fanboy with a beaming smile that offsets his uneasy gait and halted speech.”

Perez, who has drawn characters for such titles as the recent “Junior League,” “Wonder Woman” and “Teen Titans,” was excited by the breadth of original artwork in the collection.

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