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Catching up with the original women of G.L.O.W.

posted Jun 23, 2017, 7:18 PM by Vu Nguyen

BLONDE VIXEN / HOLLYWOOD (Jeanne Basone)  (1998)
art by George Pérez, colors Tom Smith
Jeanne Basone, a.k.a. Hollywood

In GLOW, Sydelle Noel plays an ex-stuntwoman named Cherry, a loose version of Jeanne Basone’s G.L.O.W. character “Hollywood. After the series, she became a stuntwoman and found steady modeling work around Los Angeles. She also still wrestles.

“I worked for Jagermeister, I was a Bud girl, a Miller Light girl, things you do in your ‘20s,” she tells Inverse about her work post-G.L.O.W. “I posed for Playboy. When you’re in California, there is a lot to do.” Basone also became a stuntwoman for shows like Days of Our Lives, Chuck, In Living Colour, and the film Me, Myself, & Irene.

She also performs private wrestling matches for fans and clients. But don’t use the word private. “I call it one-on-one wrestling because private sounds like sex to me, and that’s not what’s going on,” Basone says. Most are adult fans who grew up on G.L.O.W. and are eager to lock armbars with Hollywood herself. Others find a satisfying release that doesn’t involve sex.

Basone’s primary income is through her studio, Hollywould Productions, in which she dresses up as “Wonder Womyn” and shoots custom movies and sells them on the internet. She’s been doing it since 1997 and, somehow, has been free from DC’s lawyers. She even has the OK from legendary Wonder Woman comics legend George Perez, whom she calls “a dear friend.”

“I made a pretty good living,” she says. “I had no idea in the mid to late ‘90s how much money I was making. It’s a little different now, you’re older, things are different, but I was doing very well.”