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Catwoman and Wonder Woman sketches from SDCC 2013

posted Jul 2, 2014, 3:30 AM by Vu Nguyen

SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2003 (July 17-20, 2003)
San Diego, California
San Diego Comic-Con 2014: The Countdown T-minus 30 Days
June 21, 2014  E. Patrick Purog

I’ve been very fortunate to attend the San Diego Comic Con since 1982 and I must say I’ve collected a lot of memories through the years. Sketches, photos, autographs, you name it I probably got it. So, with the San Diego Comic Con 2014 only a few weeks away, I thought it would be cool to share some of my personal treasures that I’ve been able to acquire over the years. Enjoy!

For years I had hoped to one day meet this extraordinary artist. Year after year I would check the program to see if ‘the greatest artist ever’ would be attending and each year I was disappointed. However in 2003, George Perez finally made his triumphant return to the San Diego Comic Con. Known for his work on many superhero team books at both Marvel and DC. Most notably The Avengers, The Justice League of America and The New Teen Titans. I was like a kid at the toy store.