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CBGxtra: COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 08)

posted Aug 20, 2008, 6:26 PM by Vu Sleeper
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COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE #1646 (Oct 2008)
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Brent Frankenhoff

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Geoff Johns and George Pérez are redefining The Legion of Super-Heroes' history in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds and Comics Buyer's Guide #1646 looks at both the creative team's plan in our feature story. Then, Captain Comics begins calling the roll of the super-team of the future. You'll find a copy of that feature here. We kick it all off with an exclusive cover by Mark Sparacio.

Can't wait to get your copy to see all that's inside? We've posted several full articles from the issue at various places on CBGXtra! Check out the links below.

Test your Silver Age Trivia knowledge by taking Mr. Silver Age's handy, dandy Trivia Quiz, which you'll find here.

LucasFilm's first animated feature, Star Wars: The Clone Wars opened in mid-August and you can check out stills from the film here.

Also in this issue:

We have not one, but two convention scrapbooks. You can check out many of the sights from Wizard World Chicago and Comic-Con International: San Diego. Don't forget, we also have plenty of coverage here on the website.

CBG Senior Editor Maggie Thompson provides quick reviews of much of her convention bargains in this month's Beautiful Balloons. In fact, there were so many, we ran out of room in the print edition, but you can read the full set of reviews here.

Peter David tells how to write for Babylon 5.

Michelle Nolan salutes Sgt. Bilko.

And, you'll find a PDF of this month's letters column here.

Plus, we have plenty of reviews of comics, trade paperbacks, videos, and other comics-related materials!

All this and more, plus the largest and most complete monthly price guide in comics.

It's all in Comics Buyer's Guide #1646, shipping now!