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CBR: Archie Comics Goes Day-and-Date Digital

posted Jan 12, 2011, 3:32 PM by Vu Sleeper

(Vu: Archie has the right idea, regarding making their comics available the same day of release. DC and Marvel should really pay attention to what's going on. I would love a better software/store and I would like to see it go one step-further and reduce the prices of the digital version. After all, you still can't give a copy to your friends or re-sell it later on.)

Archie Comics Goes Day-and-Date Digital

by Kevin Mahadeo, Staff Writer

In a major move, Archie Comics today announced their upcoming Day-and-Date Digital initiative -- a landmark move beginning April 1 that makes the company's weekly comics output available for purchase both in print and digitally simultaneously.

Readers will still be able to purchase new comics in print at their local comic shops every week as per usual. However, the exact same comics will also be available for digital download for $1.99 each through the Archie Comics app from iVerse -- available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. While Archie and other comic companies have previously offered one or two issues of a comic to readers in print and digitally with the same release date, this marks the first time a company's entire weekly publishing output will be available in both mediums on the same day.


You mentioned that you feel the digital market can help print sales. Once someone reads a few issues of a comic online, they might be more willing to go pick up, say, the trade afterward. Do you see that as something likely to happen on a regular basis?
Archie CEO Jon Goldwater: I do. I really look to the digital format to support all sorts of print initiatives. I definitely look at it in supporting the trade sales, without a doubt. If you download a series of books that are available as a trade, I think you'd ultimately go out and buy the trade, without a doubt. I think this is all one big support group. All this is, is another format, another avenue for us to get our books out there. I don't look at this as undercutting any one aspect of the business at all. It's another way to provide our brand and sell our brand. That's all this is.