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CBR: Comics You Should Own – The Incredible Hulk #402-426

posted Aug 12, 2009, 2:34 PM by Vu Sleeper

Comics You Should Own – The Incredible Hulk #402-426
by Greg Burgas in Comics You Should Own

Yes, it’s the fourth post about Peter David’s run on The Incredible Hulk. But will it be … the last????


It’s a disturbing image for a mainstream superhero comic, and it’s just a part of why David’s run is so magnificent. The shadow of David and George Pérez’s Future Imperfect looms over the latter half of the run, as well. I’m not sure of the chronology (Future Imperfect is cover dated December 1992 and January 1993, meaning it showed up before issue #402, if those dates correlate correctly – I don’t have the original issues, so I don’t know specifically when they were released), but according to David, the events in Future Imperfect take place between issues #416 and 417, so it colors Banner’s thinking in the way he goes after Agamemnon in issues #421-423. Future Imperfect is a fine story, with gorgeous Pérez art, and David leaves it up to us to decide if the Hulk’s mind created the “Raging Banner” failsafe after learning he might turn into the dictator of the world (as Future Imperfect shows us) or if that was always the last resort to keep the Hulk in check.