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CBR: The 15 Most Heroic Superhero Deaths of All-Time

posted Nov 16, 2016, 2:55 AM by Vu Nguyen

DC Comics
The 15 Most Heroic Superhero Deaths of All-Time
20 hours ago by Brian Cronin in Comics, Lists, Comic News 


2. Supergirl

In “Crisis on Infinite Earths” #7 (by Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Dick Giordano and Jerry Ordway), the Anti-Monitor had greatly succeeded in his plan to destroy the Multiverse, as the Multiverse was down to just five Earths. The Anti-Monitor then came up with a device powered by stellar energy that he could use to destroy these remaining Earths. A group of some of the most powerful heroes on Earth showed up to attack the Anti-Monitor and destroy his weapon. Among the heroes were Superman, his cousin Supergirl and a brand-new hero, Doctor Light, who was still getting the hang of being a superhero.

During the battle, the Anti-Monitor and Superman went one-on-one and Superman was badly beaten. Doctor Light was amazed that Supergirl stepped in and saved her cousin, deciding that Superman was not going to die today. Doctor Light couldn’t believe the heroism that she saw in this young woman. It inspired her to become a true hero herself. Supergirl took on the Anti-Monitor and managed to destroy his weapon, but in the process, she was killed. She managed to save her cousin, though, which was her main heroic goal (and, of course, all the aforementioned Earths).

1. Flash

In the previously mentioned event’s next issue (by Wolfman, Perez and Ordway), the Anti-Monitor went to his back-up plan, an anti-matter cannon, to destroy the remaining Earths. This time around, it was Barry Allen, the Flash, the fastest man alive, who had to stop him. As heroic as Supergirl’s death was, she didn’t 100% know that she was going to die when she went into her battle with the Anti-Monitor. She knew it was a very strong possibility (since she just saw what the Anti-Monitor did to her cousin), but she still hoped to make it out of the battle alive.

That is the difference between her death and Barry Allen’s: Barry knew that the only way he could stop the anti-matter cannon was to run so fast that he would force its energies back onto itself, a process that Barry knew would kill him in the process (since the anti-matter energy was draining Barry as he was pushing it back upon itself). Barry Allen was a wonderful hero, though, so he pushed himself to the limit (and beyond) to save the Multiverse. Making it even more tragic was that he was completely aware throughout the process, constantly challenged by the dark thoughts of what he was doing to himself for the good of others. Very touching stuff, which is why it is the most heroic superhero death of all-time!