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CBR: Wolfman Plays "Teen Titans: Games"

posted Jan 15, 2010, 7:20 AM by Vu Sleeper

Wolfman Plays "Teen Titans: Games"
by Jeffrey Renaud, Staff Writer

Teen Titans: Games" is a go. Announced today as part of DC Comics' week long "DCU in 2010" marketing campaign, the highly-anticipated graphic novel from the original "New Teen Titans" creative team of writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez will be arriving in the marketplace by year's end.


CBR News: The first question is, I guess, an obvious one, but "Teen Titans: Games" was originally conceived 25 years ago. What took so long to get to today's announcement?

Marv Wolfman: It was a couple of things. We plotted it way back in 1987, and George drew approximately 80 pages. I think at that particular point, having come off – and George can tell you this a little bit better, because it's on his side – drawing the Titans for so long and being on time for all that time, when most people couldn't even do a book for a year, he had been on it for five or six years and he missed one issue in that entire time, and that was planned. It was actually #5. I think there was a Titan overload at that point, and this was a daunting task. When we started this – and this was going to be a hardcover book from Day 1 – no one had ever done anything like "Games." There hadn't been a 120-page graphic novel about a character or a set of characters of that sort. There had been books that had been 48 pages or 60 pages, period, but 120 pages was a daunting task – certainly back then. We've had some graphic novels that are that long and longer still, since. So to get back to your question, I think it was just a bit of Titans overload, and I think George was also beginning "Wonder Woman," so he really needed a break from the Titans.

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