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Cheyenne as Starfire

posted Sep 9, 2017, 1:05 PM by Vu Nguyen
cheyennejazwiseofficial writes:

Happy #starfiresaturday gang! I can't believe I haven't reposted one of my absolute favorite pics of my starfire cosplay by @maglirisphotography since my account got hacked, I've really gotta make sure I've got all my good pics back up!

George Perez wrote in July 19, 2016:

Y'know, for a guy my age to get this kind of reaction from a beautiful young lady, it sure puts a lie to the warning I received back when I was a nerdy teenager;"You read comic books?! You're never going to meet any pretty girls that way!"

From my wife Carol to lovely ladies like Cheyenne, I'm so proud -- and grateful-- to have proven those naysayers wrong!