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Clint Hilinski's Superiors #1 Alternative Cover is an homage to JLA #207

posted May 1, 2017, 6:29 PM by Vu Nguyen

SUPERIORS #1 (Alternative Cover) (Jan 2014)
Mayhem Comics
Clint Hilinski's Superiors #1 Alternative Cover is an homage to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #207 (Oct 1982) DC Comics


For those of you who already backed the first Superiors Kickstarter, you already have the content of the first 2 issues of Superiors with book #1 from that Kickstarter. Here you can get books #3 and #4. Or if you’re a completionist type collector, here you can get individual copies of #1 and #2 with new covers. The Original Kickstarter for the Superiors contained the content for issues #1 and #2. Below are a few pages from Issue #1 of the Superiors. 

The only risks and challenges are the amount of time and effort that go into making a Kickstarter book. And it’s a lot! So that can effect the estimated finished date. It takes a ton of time and hard work to finish these books and with that it can take longer to finish than you had estimated. But I want to assure all my backers my books always come out. They may just be a bit later than I had originally hoped for. The Bad Guy, Pirate Queen, and Superiors are all finished and sent out. Commissions also take extra time. But eventually, hopefully not too long of a wait, all rewards and books do get finished and sent out.