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Colleen Doran On The Wonders Of Wonder Woman

posted Nov 12, 2017, 7:31 AM by Vu Nguyen

WONDER WOMAN (Film) (2017) (02 Jun 2017)
Warner Brothers
With the Justice League movie fast approaching and the buzz for the recent Wonder Woman film still going, I was giving an opportunity to chat with some of the guests at next weekends New Jersey Comic Expo (Nov 18th-19th). One of the guest is comic artist/writer Colleen Doran who has worked on the character as part of her amazing career. She shared her thoughts on Wonder Woman and the influence is could have on the film industry.


BC: What were your thoughts on the film and its success?

CD: I loved the film. I loved its positivity and I thought Gal Gadot was perfection. All these years people have been saying women characters couldn’t carry an action film, and Wonder Woman proved them all wrong. She brought the biggest superhero origin film box office in history.

I loved how it brought so many of George Perez‘s ideas to the screen. His 1980’s take on Wonder Woman is how the character should be handled, in my opinion. The film referenced a lot of George’s work. I’ve always preferred a Wonder Woman where the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece played a big part on the story, and I love that this was in the film.

I also liked that Diana is working with art, and how stylish she is in her modern life. It kind of reminds me of her 1970’s Emma Peel phase.