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Comic Book Creators Who Died in 2017 (June 2017)

posted Jun 11, 2017, 10:08 AM by Vu Nguyen

art by George Pérez

Inspired by Musicians Who Died in 2017, I will be compiling comic book artists or writers (including manga and comic strips) or comic book-related people (letterers, colorists, editors, etc.) who passed away in 2017.  Please consider donating to who helps comic artists in need.  George Perez is one of their Disbursement Committee.  I know I always stop by and donate at their table whenever I attend a comic book convention.

Email me: if there is a name you think should be added here.

Artists who died in 2017: 26

June (2)
  • [09 Jun 2017] Adam West (American actor famous for portraying 1960's Batman), 88, leukemia
  • [02 Jun 2017] Peter Sallis (English actor of Wallace and Gromit), 96

May (6)

  • [30 May 2017] Albert Deschesne (American comic book letterer at Comicraft), 54, cancer
  • [23 May 2017] Pierre Seron (Belgian comic book artist of Les Petits hommes), 75
  • [23 May 2017] Sir Roger Moore (English actor famous for portraying James Bond), 89, cancer
  • [19 May 2017] Rich Buckler (American comic book artist Fantastic Four, All-Star Squadron, created Deathlok, got George Perez into the comic book field), 68, cancer
  • [16 May 2017] Edmund Bagwell (British artist for 2000AD), 50, pancreatic cancer
  • [12 May 2017] James Dale Cavanaugh (American owner of Clint’s Comics), killed by thief