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Cómix Latinx Interview: Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez on La Borinqueña

posted Jun 8, 2017, 6:00 PM by Vu Nguyen

LA BORINQUENA #2 (Aug 2017)
Somos Arte LLC

COMIC FEST: AGUADA CON 2016 (17-18 Dec 2016)
Aguada, Puerto Rico
CC: What was it like working with the legendary George Perez for the cover of issue #2?

EM: I was invited last year to my first comic con, the Aguada Comic Fest. They asked if I could help them invite George Perez, which I gladly did. Days before I attended their event in December of last year, I had copies of my debut comic book.

At the hotel I was staying with my family, I had the chance of giving George Perez a copy of my book. He shared with me that in his entire professional career he had never once visited Puerto Rico. He thanked me for helping to make his first trip. He took my copy of La Borinqueña, and went on about how much he loved her costume design.

He then asked if I would consider accepting a cover that he would draw for my second book. I was humbled and honored. We would talk over the months after the show in December as she shared that his eyesight was deteriorating and how soon he’d have to undergo surgery for a second time for his glaucoma. He finally delivered the artwork for the cover, apologizing for its delay. I immediately fell in love with his piece. It felt like I was holding a classic cover from the 1980s.

To know that I was lucky enough to have him do a piece for me is awe-inspiring.  This is why elements of this cover will be incorporated into a mural that will be painted in the South Bronx where he and I both grew up, to further inspire other young people to pursue their dreams to create art and tell stories.

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