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Complaints about long lines and VIP badge abusers at East Coast Comicon 2019

posted May 18, 2019, 4:32 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated May 18, 2019, 7:16 PM ]
From Vu

EAST COAST COMICON 2019 (17-19 May 2019)
Meadowlands, New Jersey

Photo from Tom K
Please note: George Perez does not have a manager, as far as I know.

Joseph E writes:

No one seems to have mentioned that they are supposed to punch a hole in the VIP pass once someone went to meet George. We could also see from the line that the VIPs were handing the passes off which prevented the line from moving. At 630, the event staff finally started punching the tags. With 15 minutes left for the signing.

Tommy R writes:

I waited on line yesterday for 4 hours only to be told George had to leave so he could attend his panel at 7 and that I would not have an opportunity to meet & greet George for the last time since I could only attend on Friday.

What really aggravated me was the fact that the limit was 12 items (!) yesterday and these scalpers (many of whom were going to be there all 3 days) took full advantage while all I wanted was just a photo-op with my favorite artist, and my good friend whom accompanied me just wanted to have his New Teen Titans #1 signed by both George Perez and Marv Wolfman (whom could not attend due to an injury). All that time wasted for nothing, attending East Coast Comicon this year was a waste of time for us this year.

The limit should have been 2: if you’re a true fan, just have your favorite comic(s) signed and a photo-op, then move along.

Anything else is excessive they should charge a minimum of $10 for each additional.

Then watch the dealers & scalpers back off.

___mr.oldschool4201___ writes:

On the way #home from #eastcoastcomiccon and honestly, what a disappointment compared to last year. Higher prices on everything, #bullshit with dealing with people's handlers and entourage all day. Last straw was missing #georgeperez because his manager was such a #bitch . Yeah there were some bright spots to the day but they were a little few and far between. The entire atmosphere just felt different and it sucked. Did I mention even tickets had cost more this year.

photo from eastcoastcomicconvention
Morales L writes:

Told 12 items, line cap three times. Never got to me him and was told to come early tomorrow like that sh** matters. Staff was not properly set up. I regret buying my ticket.

VIP badges were abusing the system with some staff not caring. Once a vip holder gets the 12 items signed they pass gets hole punched. That was not the case. The staff and con was not set up properly. I truly feel bad for people that wasted a Friday ticket