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Crisis on Infinite Earths print error

posted Dec 31, 2017, 5:26 PM by Vu Nguyen
Seymour K writes:

DC Comics
I made a book mark and had it laminated of the missing panel.

Vu: That is a photo of the infamous Crisis printing error (on page 281).  DC Comics realized their mistake in December 1998 and recalled the books. Some copies made it out and I have seen sellers trying to sell this as a rare collectable.  Personally speaking, I wouldn't pay full price for a misprinted book.

Archive news:

 April 2, 2002
From Comicsource
DC Publishes Slipcased Crisis on Infinite Earths

DC Comics is releasing a mammoth slipcased hardcover edition which collects the 1985 maxiseries that redefined DC's original universe, Crisis on Infinite Earths. The book features a wraparound illustration of more than 500 characters -- painted by Alex Ross over pencils by original Crisis artist George Perez. The book's interior is the result of a restoration effort unparallelled in the history of comics.

"The best way to think of this is book is as 'Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Special Edition,'" Jim Spivey, Associate Editor said. "While no new story pages have been added, we have taken great care to make sure mistakes and inconsistencies have been corrected, taking full advantage of current technology to do it."

Since the original Crisisused a special printing process that has long since been outmoded, every page had to be reconstructed from the original four-color film. The painstaking process included multiple corrections for scratches, art that had dropped out, typos, and other mistakes and inconsistencies. "Many of the pages needed to have their surprints (color special effects) entirely redone," Spivey said, adding "each of the 342 pages was then re-coded and color-separated using state-of-the-art computer separation techniques and effects, fixing errors and even clarifying some story points (on instructions from series writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez) as needed."

Included with the hardcover in the foil-stamped slipcase is a 22" x 34" poster-sized reproduction, without type save the logo, of the cover to Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (death of Supergirl). The 368-page Crisis on Infinite Earths slipcased hardcover can be ordered now from ComicSource for expected delivery in December.

 June 21, 2001
From Vu

    Extremely expensive and limited. It comes in a slipcase to hold the book, a sturdy and metallic box to keep the George Perez/Alex Ross duskjacket nice and safe, and enough room to hold a folded poster of the "Death of Supergirl". There were some printing errors that went out to the general public before it came to DC's attention (see Crisis On Infinite Earths Printing Error) so those variants exist, but it is rare (and also not really worth it, as who wants printing errors?).

    Although, it is a nice reprinted material (including all new digital re-coloring), the printed ink doesn't look that good (or fine). It looks botchy and less detailed. The highly publicized "inked" on "The Monitor Tapes" looks really bad with ink. I prefer the pencil printing to be honest.

    The other nice bonus is all the original gorgeous George Perez covers are reprinted along with character designs, including the female Dr. Light (pencils only), Harbinger, the Monitor, and Pariah (all of which have appeared the first couple of issue of Crisis comic book, except for the new Dr. Light). There are some relevant drawings of the Monitor, Alexander Luthor, and Lady Quark, which are taken from various Who's Who entries.

    Despite the darker inks and cost, it is really a nice collection to have on one book (even if you own all the maxi-series). It is perhaps the most important story and artwork ever printed. Well worth owning - that is if you can find someone selling it. I have seen it sold for as much as $200, so $99.95 might be a bargain after all.

December 11, 1998
From DC Comics

Due to a printing error, most reorders and advance reorders of the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS HARDCOVER WITH SLIPCASE (SEP98 0138) are being held back from release to allow time for the error (a misprinted page) to be corrected. A new item code has been assigned for all further activity: SEP98 8476.