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Crisis took over a year to reproduce and reprint

posted Dec 29, 2017, 6:23 AM by Vu Nguyen

DC Comics
Jerry Ordway ‏ @JerryOrdway writes:

Well, @perezartist used many overlays for color effects on Crisis, so maybe they had to recreate some? I don’t know.I do know they needed to recreate the strip panels on the bottom of one issue, as George had inked them on different boards.

Answer: Ex-DC Employee Rick Taylor wrote:

"Technically speaking, Crisis on Infinite Earth was literally in THOUSANDS of pieces of film. Because the artists drew THOUSANDS of surprints (all those wacky effects) and hundreds of drop out (all that snow), it took a production artist (thanks Nick Napolotano, you BUSTED YOUR ASS for scale) literally a year to reconstruct all the art.

"I was saddled with the worst sep house DC used at the time (because they were the cheapest, something I fought tooth and nail and got shot down on). I think we proof issues 1 at least 4 times and they STILL couldn't get it right."

"Then DC 'rolled the deadlines FORWARD' 16 weeks (by the way, the line editors were able to just keep being late) on me and my then-assistant (2 people produced 96 collected editions that year) and told us the book HAD TO SHIP ON TIME.

"We got to the issue where they reproduced from George (Perez)'s pencil and because it was letterpress on newsprint those pencilled panels looked like hell. George had Xeroxes which he gladly loaned us, but Gerry Ordway [sic] was not available to ink so we hired AL Vey (his assistant when Crisis was originally inked and a great guy. Hey AL!).

"We were pretty far into production by the so the sep house had to strip in those panels. They screwed up and stripped on panel in twice. We missed it when we proofed the book (getting past three sets of eyes) and it made it into print.

"If you wanted to call Crisis a reprint, go ahead. It was a giant assembly process that took over a year, was in THOUSANDS of pieces, had four months cut out of the schedule, got the worst sep house they had who was doing about 15 monthlies at the same time.