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DC Comics, what's wrong with you?

posted Mar 12, 2012, 1:54 PM by Vu Sleeper

WORLDS' FINEST #1 (May 2012)
People who knows me, they know that I'm a huge DC fan.  Lately, I really hate the new DC.

THE NEW 52: Where exactly is the new 52 heading and why do all the costumes look the same?  I understand this was an effort to gain new readers, but when all your merchandise/ads/cartoons are using the "classic" costumes, it doesn't make any sense to me.  If a child gets a comic from Subway or a cereal box, those characters aren't available to buy on the current comic racks.

CREATIVE TEAMS: Just when you're feeling comfortable with a writer or artist, they're suddenly thrown out (or in some cases, the books are cancelled).   Here's the thing: sometime storytellers need to take time to build characters, you can't just condense them to fit neatly in a three issue story.  DC said this was by design, possibly designing it around the trade model of collecting comics every six issues.

LOGO: Wow, seriously.  Do normally people actually see "DC" at a glance?  No. No one I know actually like the new logo.  Sure, I get it; you're trying to show off the interactive-ness of the logo, but newsflash: you guys publish 2D comic books. 

DIGITAL: DC's Digital Comics are still super expensive, full price ($2.99) for the latest issue.  This just discourages me from buying their comics. I only get their digital books if I buy a combo pack.  Marvel Comics is doing it right: they give you the digital version if you buy their $3.99 books.

BEFORE WATCHMEN: I love Alan Moore. That recluse went out of hiding to denounce DC's plans to make prequels to Watchmen.  My favorite quote was how he said as far as he knew; Moby Dick never got a sequel.   To me, the Watchmen are purely a Moore/Dave Gibbons creation and if there are more stories to tell, it would have to be from Moore and Gibbons.  I think everyone would agree that this is purely a money-making scheme.  Remember when DC wanted to release actions figures on the 14th or 15th anniversary?  Really?

NEW WEBSITE: This is really a matter of opinion, but I simply hate the redesign.  The website looks like it's taking a note from the unreadable Newsarama and CBR websites.  All these sites are a mess, there are 1000 things happening on the same page.  I guess people really love these "busy" websites.  I don't.  Now I have to click click click click "read more".

I know DC has gone on to the next generation of comic readers. Aging fans, like me, are left behind.  Have I really turn into an old man, screaming get off my DC lawn?   I guess it's just driving me crazy that these aren't the same characters that I know and love.  Even if you disagree or agree with Power Girl's boob costume, you have to know this upset many, many, many boys/men (and some women).

- Vu