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DC Universe: Ask...The Question: How Many Characters Are in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS?

posted Dec 19, 2019, 6:29 PM by Vu Nguyen

DC Comics
DeSade-acolyte asks:

“Hi Q, With CW’s [Crisis on Infinite Earths] having started and DC Daily having gone through each issue [of the original comic], I reread it again. So I’ve got a two part question for you. How many “named” characters are in COIE? Given the large number does that make George Pérez the artist who has drawn the most DC characters? (If not [Pérez], then who holds that title?)”

You’re really living up to your name, acolyte, because this question was downright sadistic. Nevertheless, for my hungry readers, I endeavored to identify and tally every single named character in the entire 12 issue Crisis on Infinite Earths epic, from Abra Kadabra to Zirral of the Omega Men. Throughout its myriad crowds and costumes, I counted 518 characters in total. I will not list them here. (Curiously absent, though? Hal Jordan. Interesting, that. True, he was retired at the time, but you’d think he’d have at least made a small appearance somewhere.)


Crisis on Infinite Earths poster, featuring a key identifying all 562 characters. Painted by Alex Ross over pencils by original Crisis artist George Pérez, the 65" w x 28" h poster features a 1/2" solid black border "framing" the image, which otherwise appears without any additional graphic elements or logos.