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DC Universe: No Refunds

posted Oct 20, 2018, 10:23 AM by Vu Sleeper
Vu writes:

TITANS (Television Show) (12 Oct 2018)
Warner Bros
DC Universe blocked fan because he posted about his bad experiences with the streaming service. He couldn't access DC Universe because he didn't have the latest version of its app, plus other issues.  According to the fan, there are no refunds and all sales are final (however, he did get a refund).

As a digital comic book "feature" - he's got a point, it sucks that you're only given Crisis #1-4 (issue #1 wasn't originally available) to read.  Sure, most of us already have 10 copies of the original classic on various printings, but I'm talking about new fans who are just discovering the story.  Why not just make the whole thing available to paying customers?

Also, instead of growing its digital library, DC has also decided to remove some key issues - like New Teen Titans #21-22 are being removed this week - meaning you aren't going to get the Brother Blood story line before he eventually makes his appearance on the Titans show (sorry for spoiling this 1980 plot). If this is your only means of reading comics, there are going to be a gaps in your digital library.

Dennis G writes:

I actually just received a full refund, after dancing with this service since the launch.

They dropped the ball & should have foreseen these issues & oversights.
Crisis had issues 2-4, it was only recently they added #1, while at the same time they run an interview with George Pérez, & he tells you that nowhere in DC cannon is there a story like CoIE, not before or since!
But yep chapter #1 of a 12 chapter story doesn’t even matter😑
Or the 60’s Batman, talk about a slap in the face to Adam West’s legacy, which they’re still cashing in on his contributions to building the DC/Batman brand...but who cares about something so trivial😑

Or the comic reader which is super buggy!

So they blocked me on FB, not because I trashed any employee or customer, & I made no threats of violence, or ANYTHING CRIMINAL...
I simply & very properly posted what any dissatisfied consumer should do, post the BBB website.
That triggered the DCU to block me, then we chatted via another trouble ticket, about how I doubt it was legal for them to block me without violating any policy, when I had paid the money upfront, & per the infomercial they wanted to hear what the fans thought...then they after repeatedly telling me all sales were FINAL!
They canceled & refunded my $74.99.🤑🏦

Being a reader since 1970, I was beyond stoked for this, my wife & grown kids & possibly even my grandkids were sick of hearing me gloat😁 about DC streaming...until it launched😬.
Going almost 3 days without a response as to why I couldn’t access the service...then after all that time, & me having to spend more time recontacting them, they informed me I had the old app..yeah maybe I should have caught it, as they love to remind me in our correspondences, however its their product & they should have known & informed me, because I included screen shots🙄
Add in the obvious lack of attention to detail, &
As much as I really want them to succeed, they didn’t think this through enough, or it was a bad cash grab, maybe a bit of both?

If I were Kevin Smith, & I hosted a 2hr infomercial & put my name out there for this, I’d be a little miffed that it doesn’t mirror the advertisements🤨.

I’m an informed consumer, you sell me a product that doesn’t do what you said, you better have some top notch customer service to keep me
From being the squeaky wheel.
& even with the refund, I’m still not happy, because DC should be Crushing this, & they’re not😬