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Flashback: George Perez worked on two crossover books in 1991

posted Sep 2, 2017, 6:27 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Vu

WAR OF THE GODS #1 (Sep 1991)
DC Comics

It's a three-day Labor Day weekend in America. While you enjoy the extra day off, enjoy this moment in George Perez's history of attempting to draw two crossover books in the same Summer: Infinity Gauntlet and War of the Gods.  The interview is taken from WIZARD #35 (Jul 1994), transcribed by me.  Yes, it's labor-related, Karen Berger had a baby during this time.  Read the full article.

And somewhere in there, you resolved things and went back to doing some work for Marvel. I remember saying you in 91 that I thought you were crazy to try and do two mini-series - Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet and DC's War of the Gods - in the same summer.
It was a stupid thing to do, I confess.

So all the problems with those two series - replacement artist, fouled-up scheduling, and the lot - happened because you made a bad decision?
Oh, yeah. I didn't realize that I'm not as young as I was, and no matter how much I compromised on the artwork - War of the Gods was supposed to be just layouts on my side - I can't seem to work that way. I always end up wanting to do more and more, and if I feel dissatisfied, I end up slowing down.

War of the Gods was supposed to be, in my mind, a celebration of Wonder Woman's 50th anniversary. That was the first thing DC wanted to discard. It was a time when DC had paid me advance money for the book, and I need the money. I wanted to [cancel the mini-series] desperately, but I couldn't. Nobody else wanted the book. And to top it all off, Karen Berger went into labor.

The editor was now an inexperienced person... I did the plot for War of the Gods a year before the first issue came out, and up until the first issue came out, I was getting calls from writers [of crossover books] who had never even heard about it. It was a cursed book.

So you dropped Infinity Gauntlet because you were contractually bound to do War of the Gods?
In the case of Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet, Craig Anderson acted professionally. He was right I was falling behind and he intended to replace me for just the last half of #4.

This is going to sound really bitchy, but I'll have live with that. I was becoming, by that point, disenchanted with Infinity Gauntlet... I thought the story was worth maybe two issues. It was so padded out - how many times will these people fight Thanos, be defeated, [and be brought] back ?

So that first fill-in - after making me angry because my pride was hurt - gave me the initiative to say I didn't feel like finishing. I thought Ron Lim should have drawn it from the beginning.

I thought this was to be the final chapter of the Thanos saga. When I heard about Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, I was just as glad to be out of it, because I would have felt pretty betrayed. How man times can you go back to this well ?