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Gail Simone auctions George Perez art for Black Lives Matter

posted Jun 1, 2020, 7:16 PM by Vu Sleeper
Gail Simone @GailSimone writes:

WONDER WOMAN #600 (Jun 2010)
DC Comics
Okay. I have to add a few details here to this.

Remember this whole thread where I talked about how George Perez is the best guy? Well, it gets BETTER.

I wrote him to make 100% sure he was okay with me doing this.

He wrote back.

First, he said that he supported the idea without reservation.

Then he said, "That said, I would like to make a proposition of my own.

"What If the new buyer of the piece was me? I’m really not sure as to how much a piece of my art would go for these days...but I would gladly pay $X for that would go for the cause, and then, as the new owner of the art, I’d like to re-gift it to you."


I told him I couldn't do that, but thank you so much. That I feel like this is the right thing, and he says, "As you wish," from my favorite movie.

So a little bit LATER, I get a new email from George.

"I see that the wonderfully awesome Colleen Doran has volunteered to do a sketch to be included with the WE art page.
With two of my favorite Diana boosters involved here, how can I not participate. Please put me in for a sketch as well. Perhaps one of Diana with Phillipus?"

Then he adds, "Sound good to you?"


So let's take a new inventory. :)

You will get....a couple now trivial items from me:

Wonder Woman Omnibus
Wonder Woman/Star Blossom script.


A sketch from @ColleenDoran

The last WW page of art by George Perez.

AND a sketch from the master himself, of Diana and Philipus.

Everything signed.

SOMEONE'S gonna get the best package of stuff in the mail EVER.