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GeekMom: DC Comics and Me

posted Mar 4, 2012, 8:57 AM by Vu Sleeper

MEGACON 2012 (02/17/12 - 02/19/12)
Megacon 2012 – DC Comics and Me
By GeekMom Blog | March 4, 2012 | 8:15 am

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Megacon 2012. I was super excited to see that DC Comics was going to be there and made a point to sniff them out.


While walking around Megacon on Friday, I had the first highlight of my weekend. I got the opportunity to talk to a gentleman working George Perez’s booth. I started out just asking him some questions about what kind of work George might be doing on the New 52. He gave me some interesting insight as to how some of the artists have been mixed around into different jobs and some who use to ink the characters are now doing the concept sketches.

He was excited to hear that I was a newbie and just trying to learn about the different aspects of how the comics come to my digital screen. I shared with him my story and an article that I wrote that DC Tweeted and put up on their Facebook a few weeks ago. He was really interested and also disappointed at some of the fan boys reactions to it because comics are for everyone.

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