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George Perez's signing update

George Perez Sketch Opps Moving To Clan McDonald
posted 08/08/2021

From Spencer R. Beck

     Signature: $45
     Head sketches: $300
     Full body sketches: $1,350

The web address pertaining to Mr. George Pérez commissions is:

Mr. George Pérez and I have discussed & decided to turn over the facilitation of his individual, personal sketch or the smaller signing opportunities to Mr. Steve McDonald and his business ... Clan McDonald Comics.

Mr. McDonald is a CBCS Facilitator with a great history of truly amazing customer care and service. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. You are truly in not just good, but in GREAT hands.

Although we have had to raise the prices a bit, Clan McDonald Comics will be offering regular MONTHLY opportunities as compared to occasional opportunities from the various other facilitators or even myself. Also, the available sketch options ( including now readily accepting sketch cover requests ) have increased as well as the available payment options. I am sorry, like in the past ... there are still NO real people ( such as Han Solo, Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker etc. ) NO likenesses of any kind, NO jam board commissions and NO sketch card opportunities available. We are sorry.

If you wish to use CGC services for facilitation, there are MANY options available including CGC directly sponsored signing and sketch events. Please contact me at for a recommendation or more details if any are available at the time of your request.

Previously, PayPal was the only accepted method. NOW, with Clan McDonald Comics, the acceptable payment methods are Checks, ALL major Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Venmo and Bank Wire. Just as with PayPal, there may be service fees based upon your chosen payment method. If you are concerned about any fees, please contact Clan McDonald Comics at the email address at the beginning of this article.

Clan McDonald Comics is a professional facilitator and is much better equipped to handle to sheer volume of small or single requests that Mr Perez and I receive.

First and foremost, they have a staff ... which I do not. With Clan McDonald Comics handling the day in / day out aspect of the job ... it is freeing me for other work that needs to be done.

For those gossip hounds that may be wondering ... NO, Mr. Perez and I have NOT parted ways in any fashion whatsoever. In fact, this was my idea to better serve him and his fans. I am still directly involved with Mr Perez for ALL of his art business in case any issue arises.

Finally, I wish to thank EVERYONE who has supported Mr. George Pérez and myself for all this time. We truly appreciate your ongoing support more than you can ever truly know.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and be well ...

Kind Regards,

Spencer R. Beck
The Artist's Choice

George Perez is no longer attending Dragon Con 2021

posted Aug 7, 2021, 5:45 AM

From Vu

DRAGON*CON 2021 (02-06 Sep 2021)
Atlanta, Georgia
George Perez is no longer attending Dragon Con 2021

George Perez is unable to attend MegaCon 2021
posted Aug 6, 2021, 4:55 PM

From Vu

MEGACON 2021 (12-15 Aug 2021)
Orlando, Florida
Unfortunately, George Perez is unable to attend MegaCon 2021 (12-15 Aug 2021). Details here.

George Perez to appear at Fetish Con 2022 (11-14 Aug 2022)
posted May 6, 2021, 6:42 PM

From @clips4sale

FETISH CON 2022 (11-14 Aug 2022)
St. Petersburg, Florida

What are your plans for the future George? Are there any new projects up your sleeve that your fans might be interested in? And will you be attending any conventions where people can come and meet you?

GPz: “I’m taking it very easy at the moment, doing very little work due to some well-documented issues regarding my eyesight. A heart attack has also curtailed my public appearances for a while. Thankfully, my royalty income is such that I can afford not to work, so life is quite good and it’s great to draw for the simple enjoyment of it. I’ll make Fetish Con 2022 though. It will do my heart good”.

George Perez will be appearing as Special Master of Ceremonies at Fetish Con 2022, August 11-14, 2022 in St Petersburg, FL.


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