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George Perez Comic Convention Schedule 2019

Perez at Dragoncon 2015 / photo: spotrh

MARCH 2019

MAY 2019

JUNE 2019


Official George Perez Press Release (January 19, 2019)

DATE : JANUARY 19, 2019
FROM : George Pérez

To all my loyal and kind fans who have supported me throughout the decades,

      In recent months, there has been a great deal of speculation as to the future of my career, my health, my ability to draw and my future convention appearances. As a result, I would like to clear up everything first hand so that, hopefully, any rumors, speculation and misinformation can be laid to rest.

     With respect to future published work in comics and such ... while I know it’s been no secret that I’ve been dealing with a myriad number of health issues (diabetes, heart ailments, vision issues, etc.), they have indeed have forced me to, for all intents and purposes, formally retire from the business of creating new comic stories. 

     As for home commission requests, I’m afraid that my retirement must now extend to privately commissioned drawings as well. While I am gratified that all of the customers who have received their pieces were more than pleased with the results, some even consequently commissioning more of them, it’s just becoming too much of a strain on my eyes to produce the fully rendered ink and pencil-tone pieces on a quality level that justifies the price I’m being paid for them.

     In regards to convention sketches, I will need to cut back on those as well. While I will no longer sketch at the conventions themselves, I will, through my art agent Spencer Beck of The Artists Choice, be taking orders for 5 ( FIVE ) con-style head sketches, per convention day that I am in attendance which will be done at home to be collected at the conventions. Fans placing orders must be personally present to pick up the piece , NO PROXIES. The price for these will be a good deal pricier than in the past, going for $100 each, but please take some solace that all the monies I earn for these sketches, as well as my appearance fees, will be donated to various charities. To place an order, or for initial details, please contact Spencer / The Artist's Choice directly at  Any changes or further announcements will be made by Spencer and myself on his website and on my fan website

     Furthermore, for those that are interested … although I will only be attending about six conventions this year and one make up convention in 2020  *** see below for complete schedule )  2019 will more than likely be my last year touring this great land meeting so many great fans. As the next decade begins, I have two shows, Dragon Con and Fetish Con that have personal meaning to me which I intend to attend yearly unless circumstances prevent it … but, for all intents, 2019 will wind down that part of my career as well. The good news is, even though I will not be sketching at the shows, I will still be autographing and be available for photo ops, and, as has been my policy throughout my career, I will not be charging for either. 

     In closing, please don’t feel sorry for me about all these life and career changes. Thankfully I earn more than enough income through royalties to have a comfortable life wherein I may never need to work again. Unless, of course, something really tempting comes along and I’m given sufficient lead time. Hey, you never know.

     Long story short, I will be just fine. I’ve had a wonderfully good run doing exactly what I have wanted to do since I was a child. Now I can sit back and watch the stuff I helped create entertain whole new generations. That’s a pretty nice legacy to look back on.

     And so much of that is thanks to all of you, the GREATEST fans in the world. I am humbled and forever grateful.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy 2019 and beyond,


UPDATE:  Mr. Perez will not be accepting requests until approximately 30 days before each specific show. Sketches will be approved at one per person, family or address. First come, First serve. So , please check back 30 days before the show. He will only be doing 9 x 12 head shots and they must be paid for in full at the time the order is accepted.



C2E2  -   MARCH 22 to 24, 2019 -

EAST COAST COMIC CON  -  MAY 17 to 19, 2019 -



TERRIFICON  -  AUGUST 9 to 11, 2019 -  ( FRIDAY ONLY )


DRAGON  CON  -  AUGUST 29 to SEPTEMBER 2, 2019 -

East Coast Comicon 2019 Commission Update

From Spencer

EAST COAST COMICON 2019 (17-19 May 2019)
Meadowlands, New Jersey
For East Coast Comic Convention

Commissions will go on sale the night of April 16th at exactly midnight (Eastern Time Zone) when it becomes April 17th. I use the time stamp as given by my email host ( ) and they have the final word as to when it is received, not I. Any requests that come in before midnight will be disqualified ... even if they come in at 11:59:59 PM ..... 12 MIDNIGHT and not a second earlier. Bear in mind that for C2E2 commissions sold out in FOUR SECONDS (Yes, at 12:00:04 all commissions were sold out) so make sure to get your order in as quickly as possible at the deadline.

Please make sure to include your EXACT request as any emails that come in without the character are disqualified and discarded. All orders must have your first and last name in them as well the exact request. Remember, Mr. Perez is doing single character, head shots ONLY and nothing else. One request per person, per name, per household, per family, or per address. You must be present at the show to pick up the artwork in person ... NO PROXIES. Sketch cover requests are not possible at this time. SORRY. Too many potential problems and we do not wish to be responsible for anyone having a bad experience should the comic be lost, damaged or destroyed anywhere in the process or shipping thereof. Finally, he is doing only 15 commissions total for the show. There will be no on site drawing done.

I hope this is not too blunt, and hopefully, this answers all outstanding questions. We reserve the right to adjust the rules should some unforeseen question come up that has not yet been addressed.
posted 05/13/2018

Spencer writes:

GREEN ARROW (Aug 2017)
art by George Perez

from <> Shemp
We will be taking HEAD SHOT ONLY advance orders before show appearances. These will be the same types of drawings he has been doing at shows for years on 9" x 12" board head shots only. Although we have not set it in stone, most likely the price will be $50. To protect George, we will require prepayment. You will just need to bring a receipt to the show to pick up your piece. Although there is no guarantee, most likely they will be more detailed than in the past as if he is doing them at home where he won't be trying to do them as fast as he can to get to the next fan, hence there will be the per show limit.

Of course, he is still doing the full body pencil, Copic marker ink.and pencil tone commissions for the $700 and $1,100 levels as well. These a full figure, fully detailed pieces that are single figures only. No more than one figure per piece ... all subject to approval.

Exact show commission details will be announced towards the end of 2018 as we prepare for the 2019 convention circuit.

In the meantime, if you wish to order the full body pieces, please get in touch with me at to place an order, for samples or any questions related to the full body commissions. I am sorry, NO head shot commissions until 2019. No exceptions, I am sorry.

NOTE: George will draw these commissions on 9x12 boards prior to the convention appearance for pickup, so he cannot draw on your personal sketch book or requested surfaces. Also, there will be a limit to how many George can draw per convention appearance.

George Perez's possible 2019 shows

posted 08/18/2018

From Vu

TERRIFICON 2019 (09-11 Aug 2019)
Mohegan Sun Expo Center, Connecticu
Just speculation, but it may appear that George Perez's 2019 schedule is probably to make up for his cancellations from his 2017 shows due to his heart attack.

So, given that information, below were his cancelled 2017 dates:
  • East Coast Comic Con 2019, NJ (Confirmed)
  • Terrificon 2019, Connecticut (Confirmed)
  • Amazing Hawaii Comic Con 2019, Hawaii (Update: Confirmed)
  • Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2019, Las Vegas, NV
  • North American Science Fiction Convention 2019, San Juan, PR (unlikely, see note below)
  • Dragon Con 2019, Atlanta, GA (Likely confirmed)
  • Grand Rapids Comic Con 2019, Grand Rapids, MI
Any shows outside of the USA may unlikely to happen, as George, in his own words, wrote in 2017: "I've been asked about several shows outside of the USA and just wanted to say that, while I do wish I could do more international shows, the stress of flying and going through customs and passport control (not to mention the number of itineraries that require multiple connections) ... there are no plans."