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George Perez contributed to The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute Book 2: By Thy Side

posted Feb 18, 2017, 2:28 AM by Vu Nguyen

Mike Weiringo
The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute Book 2: By Thy Side is coming out in September (second week).  The book will feature contributions from George Perez, among many other artists.  Order cut off date is  July 10, 2017.

Additional details at, thanks to Ilke.


Includes free shipping in the USA

The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute
Book Two: By Thy Side

In the summer of 2007, beloved comics artist, Mike Wieringo, passed away suddenly, leaving behind a legion of fans and too many stories untold. Now, ten years later, more than 200 of the industry’s top artists come together to pay tribute to their fallen friend.

Based on the comics series ‘Ringo co-created with scribe Todd Dezago, Tellos Tribute Book 2 continues our saga as our rat-tag gang of Heroes marshall together the forces of the Resistance to do battle with the arcane and evil forces of the dread SUR-AZAL.

Darkness falls heavily on the magical realms…and Tellos will never be the same.

Ships second week in September.
All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the ASPCA in Mike Wieringo’s name.
Order cut-off date: July 10, 2017 

Featuring artwork by these talented Artists;

Karl Kesel
Tom Raney
John Burgin
Gus Vasquez
Christian D. Leaf
June Brigman
Kurt Wood
Jim Terry
Paul Smith
Erik Donovan
Bryan L. Mon
Tracy Yardley
Dwayne Biddix
Rich Woodall
Dana Black
Steve Epting
Mike Maihack
Lousie Simonson
Walter Simonson
Wilson Ramos
Lovern Kindzierski
Jim Calafiore
Tom Bancroft
Jamie Jones
Terry Austin
Jon Roscetti  
Matt Roscetti
Carlo Barberi
Mike Norton
Rico Renzi
Duncan Rouleau
Steve Dutro
Robb Mommaerts
Michael O’Hare
Tak Toyoshima
Sandy Jarrell
Laura Martin
Ariela Kristantina
Aluir Amancio
Jim Keplinger
Evan Dorkin
Charles Pritchett
Pedro Delgado
D. Forrest Fox
Keith Conroy
Kyler Clodfelter
Elvin Ching
J. Chris Campbell
Ed Smith
Ian Chase Nichols
Lora Innes
Kevin Kobasic
Tom McCraw
Fred Hembeck
Danielle Ellison
Laura Truxillo
Nathan Greno
J. Bone
Andy Genen
John Burgin
George Perez
Scott Hanna
Darwin Talon
Ryan Browne
Meg Syverud
Domo Stanton
Kelly Yates
Brandon Palas
Chris Sprouse
Karl Story
Ray-Anthony Height
Richard Goodwin
Todd Nauck
Art Baltazar
Rebekie Bennington
Dean Beattie
Mike Stock
Sunder Raj
Alex Ogle
Paolo Rivera
Vassilis Gogtzilas
Simone Arena
Armando Zanker
Joe Staton
Paul Mounts
Dave Bardin
Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Kyle T. Webster
Matt Wieringo
Craig Rousseau
and many more~!