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George Perez is not appearing at any conventions in 2017 (Questions & Comments)

posted Jul 15, 2017, 6:06 AM by Vu Nguyen

EAST COAST COMICON 2017 [Perez Canceled] (29-30 Apr 2017)
Meadowlands, New Jersey
From Vu

George Perez is not appearing at any conventions in 2017. I understand that fans are not always up-to-date on George Perez's status... but please stop asking for comic book convention appearances, autographs, interviews, questions, etc.  Read George Perez cancels all convention appearances for more information, but to quote George, "...I am forced, under doctor’s orders to cancel all convention appearances for at least the rest of the year."

George Perez is accepting a limited number of commissions, but they are expensive. Details here.

I don't know about 2018, but if I hear anything, you will be the first to hear about it. 

A small example of frequently asked questions below.

@PriesTwc3 asks:
8:40 PM - 14 Jul 2017

@perezartist will u be at tampa bay comic con this year ?

‏ @GoddessGeisha writes:
2:04 AM - 14 Jul 2017

Gorgeous work! I'll be at Dragon Con this year! Will you be there also? I've always wanted to meet you! Big Starfire fan for life here! ❤️

@shawnakidaross asks:
1:46 PM - 13 Jul 2017

@perezartist are you going to SDCC this year?

Oscar asks:
Thu 07/13/2017 - 7:47pm

Will you be at SDCC? If so where?

Al writes:
7/13/2017 16:45:11

Hello. First, I'm relieved to read that Mr. Perez is making a healthy recovery. His health is more important than any signing, sketch or convention anywhere. His decision to step back from the convention scene is applauded.        

My reason for this missive, other than the heartfelt well wishes from a longtime fan, is a question. I attended the 2017 New Jersey Convention in the hopes of meeting Mr. Perez and getting 4 books signed. Alas, he was unable to attend due to his health. I subsequently booked reservations for Baltimore Comic Con in September, hoping for the same. Now I that hope is dashed as well.         

Is there ANY way to get 4 books signed by Mr. Perez? I don't mind shipping them to him, paying for return post, anything. I'm pleading to find a way and this seems like my last resort for this year. I live in Dover, Delaware and don't go to many shows, but really wanted this for my collection. Any help is appreciated. My best to the entire Perez family from this lifelong Titans fan!!