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George Perez mentioned in David Perez's WOW 2 book

posted Dec 8, 2019, 10:05 PM by Vu Nguyen
From, thanks to Ilke

WOW! 2: The Memoirito Continues... (David Perez) (15 Feb 2017)
Nighthawk Press
Excerpt from WOW 2:

The letter from the Catholic High School Entrance Exam handed me another slice of humble pie. My first choice, Cardinal Spellman, considered the top academic Catholic high school in New York City, rejected me. Blessedly, Cardinal Hayes, my second choice, said yes. I sighed in relief and forced myself to be pleased. George, my year-older brother attended Hayes and liked it.

"It's a good school," George said after I told him the news. "The teachers aren't crazy, but they push you. They got a great athletic department. Not that I would notice."

We laughed. George wasn't big on sports, being self-admittedly somewhat of a klutz. Stickball, roller-skating, it didn't matter. He tried them, became frustrated and gave up. Despite being six inches taller and twenty pounds heavier than me, George wasn't athletic at all; his passion came from writing and drawing comic books, including creating his own characters and storylines.