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George Pérez’s Convention Policy

posted Aug 3, 2015, 10:30 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Aug 19, 2019, 6:03 AM ]

TEXAS COMICON 2015 (07-09 Aug 2015)
San Antonio, Texas
George Perez writes:

With Texas Comic Con in San Antonio coming up, I want to post my convention policy in order to formally answer questions I've been asked the last few weeks. I will try to provide this info before all my shows so please excuse what will likely be multiple repeats of this post:

George Pérez’s Convention Policy
I always try to set up at a convention one hour before the convention opens to the general public. This way I am available for sketches, autographs and photographs for dealers, staff and those with VIP Passes that allow them early entry. (I really see no point in fans purchasing a VIP Pass and not having any of the guest artists there to greet them)

All of these early birds are handled on a first come, first served basis.

When the convention floor opens up for those with general admission tickets, I start handing out about a hundred numbered tickets to the arriving fans so they don’t have to get on what may already be a long line.
Fans already at the end of the line (behind the tenth person) also have the option of taking a ticket and leaving the line to return later.

The first digit of the ticket indicates what convention day it is. For a three-day show, the first day’s tickets would be numbered 100 -199, the second day’s 200-299, and so on.

The ticket basically reserves your place in line once I’ve finished with the early crowd. If, say, a fan returns from enjoying the show with ticket number 110 and I’m already serving ticket 125, the returning fan with the lowest number is always next.

Therefore, a fan with a higher ticket number like 155 would never be any worse off time wise than if he or she had waited on line for 54 other fans to be serviced first.

The reason I use this system is because I personally can’t see spending money to come to a show just to stand in line for what could be hours. This way, it’s the fan’s choice whether to wait on line or not.

There is no charge for the ticket and it entitles you to a sketch (limit one per ticket) autographs (I set no limit to the number of things I’ll sign, but do request that fans be considerate of each other) and a photo op.

Sketches are quick headshots for $40 and can be drawn on any surface you prefer. I will provide my own drawing paper for those who don’t have their own.

There is no charge for autographs and photos.

Only one ticket per person, but you can get tickets for family members as long as they are there to use them.

Once you’ve used your ticket, you can get another ticket, if any are still available, and come back later to be served again. You can’t use a previous day’s ticket on a following day since that would be unfair to those who may only have one-day passes that following day.

On each day, if I finish with all the numbered tickets, I will then serve any arriving fans on a first come, first served basis.

Unless there is an unavoidable call of nature, I will remain at my table until the end of each convention day.

I hope this helps everyone understand how I work and that it helps you all enjoy the convention experience better.

Thank you.