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George Perez's Iron Man from 1979

posted Feb 9, 2019, 7:44 AM by Vu Nguyen
beejcctx writes:

IRON MAN (1979)
art by George Pérez
from beejcctx
This is heartbreaking for me to part with, but unexpected medical bills cause me to give up my treasures (guess it's better than gofundme...).

Anyway, this drawing was made by George Perez in 1979 at a small comics convention in Corpus Christi, TX. Judge Margarito C. Garza (creator of "Relampago" and owner of our only comics shops back then!) brought him to our town. I was already in awe of Mr. Perez' work having read "Sons of the Tiger" as the back up story in Iron Fist.

George was just starting to break out as a known artist and honestly when I asked for art, he was all Marvel so I was torn on who from the Avengers I wanted, I ended up picking Iron Man.

And you see this beauty in front of you. Completed in colored pens and ink on Bristol board. Just gorgeous - so gorgeous I ended up having it framed and have never removed it from the frame. Obviously it is also signed to me - oh to be back in the days when you could talk to an artist and buy art direct and not pay for autographs and such. (the old days!)

Size of the image is 8.5" x 11.5" - I'm having to sacrifice this darling to pay my bills. Hoping this goes to collector who loves Perez' style as much as I do.

Will be shipped Priority with Insurance.