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George Perez's monster design for a low-budget 1989 movie

posted Jun 9, 2018, 2:27 PM by Vu Nguyen
George Perez writes:

I did design that for a pair of aspiring makeup artists named Vincent Schicchi and Louis Zakarian who were working on a low budget monster movie. We were all involved in community theater productions of ANNIE and THE WIZARD OF OZ when I still lived in New York.  Both Vinnie and Louie did become professional makeup men, with Louie even winning an Emmy for work on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

vincentschicchi writes via

For Throwback Thursday. First full body demon suit done by Louie Zakarian and myself back in ‘89 for a low budget movie. Did I mention low budget. Ok. We’re talkin low. Did the whole suit for a little more than a grand .. I sculpted the head hands and feet, Louie sculpted the torso, arms and legs .. the concept was designed for us as a favor by George Perez. Fun times.