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Girls Gone Geek: Tales from Dragon*Con 2010

posted Sep 11, 2010, 10:21 AM by Vu Sleeper

DRAGON*CON 2010 (03-06 Sep 2010)
Tales From Dragon*Con 2010 – Part Deux
09/11/2010 Vanessa G.

Holy mother of all that is good and great in this world! I have found my tribe. I had no idea cons are such an amazing experience. I literally floated through my weekend on adrenaline from the energy in downtown Atlanta. There were so many amazing people gathered in one place. From the beautiful and strange to the art and the artists, Dragon*Con was EPIC!


There were so many wonderful moments at Dragon*Con, but I’d like to give special thanks to the Bane cosplayer who lifted me in the air with one arm. That was all kinds of awesome, and surprising! Five minutes later, I’m riding the escalator with George Perez. He’s standing with a beautiful Supergirl and says, “You don’t see her everyday.” I say, “I don’t see YOU everyday!!!” George being the darling that he is, gave me a big hug and a wet one on the cheek. This is the amazing kind of shit that only happens at cons.