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Hawaii Con vs Amazing Hawaii Comic Con

posted Jan 12, 2015, 11:33 AM by Vu Nguyen

AMAZING HAWAII COMIC CON 2015 (18-20 Sep 2015)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Just to clarify - I have no affiliation with any comic book conventions that George Perez attends.  This is a website with information about conventions, news, and published George Perez works. Unfortunately, a lot of convention website do not have contact information, so I actually get a lot of inquiries about various conventions (this is not the first time I have gotten emails sent to me regarding conventions.)  As always, you can contact me at ...

Anyway, this was brought to my attention that there is an existing Hawaii Con, also known as Hawaii Comic Con, and that Amazing Hawaii Comic Con, was treading on their trademark. I know from past experiences that you cannot copyright "Comic Con" (hence New York Comic Con and Minneapolis Comic Con, after San Diego Comic Con), but the fact that Amazing falls only weeks after Hawaii Con is up for debate.  I'll keep you updated on if they reschedule the dates or change their name, as this is obviously still a developing story.

We've seen this sort of thing before, locally (for me), we had SpringCon (now Minneapolis Comic Con) vs Wizard Minneapolis Comic Con, which took place only weeks of each other (read about it on ). Last year, we attended and reported on both conventions, and came to the conclusion that they were marketed to two different type of fans and, yes, they can both co-exist.  It should be interesting to watch round two this May 2015.