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How Jim Starlin got George Perez to draw the Dreadstar variant cover.

posted Aug 27, 2019, 6:31 PM by Vu Nguyen

DREADSTAR #1 (George Perez cover) (Jul 2019)
Ominous Press
Nrama: How did you pick the variant artists for your #1 covers? You have the likes of George Perez, Bart Sears, Patrick Zircher...

Starlin: Actually, Ominous did most of that. There only one I got into the mix with was Perez.

Nrama: So how'd you wrangle him?

Starlin: We have the same manager and he put us together after we did this convention in Hawaii, and he said sure! He's never gotten around to doing a drawing of Dreadstar before, which isn't surprising because we did this panel at that show, we realized we'd never been on a panel together before! Basically, during Infinity Gauntlet, we realized we worked at different Big Two companies at the same time. We never really spent time together in the same house.