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Interview with George Perez by Rob66

posted Aug 26, 2018, 2:43 PM by Vu Nguyen

FETISHCON 2018 (09-12 Aug 2018)
St. Petersburg, Florida

Interview with George Perez by Rob66
Introduction: Many will know George Perez from his long tenure at DC Comics where, during the 1980s, he helped relaunch The New Teen Titans and Wonder Woman comic books. He also had defining runs on DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths and Justice League of America as well as on The Avengers and The Infinity Gauntlet for Marvel Comics. But, what many people won’t know is that George also enjoys fetish and bondage.

I met him during my first Fetish Con in Tampa, Florida in 2008 and we have each been there every year since so I have gotten to know him well, which has been a genuine treat. George, who has been inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame, is the only man to ever be a Guest of Honor at Fetish Con, where, last year, he was awarded a special Fetish Award for his support and devotion to all things fetish.

George is also extremely gracious and personable. This year at Fetish Con, he supported The Pineapple Project -- --which was just one of the incredible acts of generosity I learned about him this year. I was thrilled when he agreed to do this interview with me and he was excited to do it because the interview gave him an opportunity to discuss his passion for fetish. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview with the amazing George Perez!

1. You’ve been to a whole lot of Fetish Cons as a Special Guest of Honor. How did that come about?

Ever since I started producing superheroine catfight videos for Double Trouble Productions, I had made friends with several of the models and I was invited by a couple of them to attend my first show in 2007. Although I didn’t announce that I was coming to the show, my dear friend Diana Knight, an incredibly gorgeous comic book geek whom I had introduced to DT Wrestling after meeting her at a San Diego Comic Con, knew that Vesta, one of the show’s organizers was also a huge comic book fan and I ended up not only getting free admission, but a Guest of Honor badge as well.

2. How do you prepare year after year to make the Super Heroine Showdown at Fetish Con as entertaining as it is?

After establishing the basic format in 2008 (heroines are announced, villains break in and take them down), I decided to create a more structured concept with a parody of AMERICAN IDOL called, not very imaginatively, SUPERHEROINE IDOL where heroines are interviewed by a panel of snide judges before the villains finally came in to ruin the party. While that turned out to be one of the best iterations of the Superheroine Showdown, it also required a lot of work and coordination, plus there were a few models who had their feelings hurt by the mock insults from the judges. So, from then on, I’ve opted to keep the format simple, with the only variation being the reason for the heroines to gather together. Most of the time that theme is decided by me right before the show starts depending on how many models have arrived and how many villains and riggers I have. This year, for example, the whole theme was created when I saw Vesta dressed as the Goddess Athena and I created the scenario that the heroines were being called to fight the forces of Ares, the God of War, on Mt. Olympus. As usual, the heroines ended up defeated, bound and totally at the mercy of the evil forces — and the appreciative cameras of the audience.

3. How and when did you first realize you liked fetish and/or bondage?

Oh, pretty much when I approached puberty. I was especially turned on by catfighting women and was especially enticed by the 1960s TV series HONEY WEST with Anne Francis and THE AVENGERS with Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson.

HOT SHOT #1 (1975)
James Glenn Production

4. When did you draw your first fetishy sketch and what was it?
I had done a lot of catfighting sketches as a kid, even when my basic knowledge of anatomy was sadly lacking, but I did draw two one-shot comics stories as a fan which both featured at least one scene of heroines and villains fighting it out. In fact, the very last amateur work I did before turning pro was a story called “The Deadly Sparklers” for a one-shot title called HOT SHOT and featuring a bunch of sexy ass-kicking femme fatales called “The She-Devils”. That story contained catfighting, bondage, whippings, toplessness and skintight costumes, which definitely shows just how early my comic book fetishes started to manifest themselves. And of course, some of that insinuated itself into my regular comics work throughout my 44 year career. I even drew a mainstream mini-series for Marvel Comics called SACHS & VIOLENS that featured a badass fetish model as its female protagonist.

5. Why do you think people (male and female) like seeing girls tied up and gagged or otherwise imperiled in art?

Oh, that’s something that I leave for others to diagnose. I just know that it’s always appealed to me. I used to think it was specifically a male fantasy, but have since learned that so many women enjoy the exotic and erotic thrill of playing the damsel in distress and being either the submissive or the dominatrix with equal fervor. Of course, understanding the difference between a fantasy and reality is all important, and the best scenarios, no matter how harsh and sometimes violent the visual elements are, are those wherein all participants are in on the fun and it’s an act of mutual trust, erotic arousal and, in many cases pure love. Outsiders who know only the trappings of fetish and are either critical or actively repulsed by it, really don’t understand that. I’ve known a lot of bound woman and screen victims who are actually the strongest willed people I could ever hope to meet.

6. What are your thoughts on whether artists should have the right of free expression regardless of whether their art may be considered offensive to some people?

As was probably evident in my last answer, I truly feel that indulging in the free expression of sexual and romantic fantasy is incredibly healthy and should be respected and sometimes even encouraged. I know it’s not for everyone. My own wife is not into it. But she respects my right to freely follow my fantasy whims, knowing that, in my case at least, it’s always as an outsider manipulating or simply observing the role-playing in front of me, whether on paper or in the flesh. Yes, there will always be people who will be offended, and that is their right. Theirs is also the right to simply look away and not participate. I respect their points of view and would never impose mine on them. I only ask that they do the same. As long as no one is hurt or causing harm, and the participants are consenting adults, there is room for everyone on this diverse planet of ours.

SISTERHOOD OF SUPERHEROINES SH-0007-02HD: Sisterhood Act (Part 2 of 5) (24 Oct 2017)
Double Trouble
7. What is your Sisterhood of Superheroines comic book and video project?
The Sisterhood of Superheroines is a series of superheroine catfight and peril videos that I’ve been producing for Double Trouble Productions ( for 20 years. The company specializes in all forms of female fighting, especially catfighting and other forms of erotic adventures. While superheroine stories were not the company’s specialty, they do create custom matches for their customers and I chose to commission a superheroine catfight from them, providing DT with a very brief outline of the action. I was so impressed with the raw footage, that I commissioned a second video, this time with more dialogue, since the performers actually requested that. From there, I eventually went on to direct the videos when I flew over to Los Angeles and now I do everything except actually hold the cameras, including editing, applying special effects and scoring. My comic book experience has served me well because I storyboard the entire video before shooting commences, making for a relatively efficient filming. I’m so happy that the great majority of the models, actresses and wrestlers truly enjoy the experience and many of them have not only appeared multiple times for me, but are now some of my closest, dearest friends.

And now, coming full circle, and having essentially retired from drawing mainstream comics, I figured the perfect capper for my wondrously successful and fulfilling career is to produce one last comic story centered around the Sisterhood of Superheroines and featuring so many of the models I’ve worked with as well as many with whom I hope to work in the future. My target deadline is the summer of 2020, which would be the 20th Anniversary of Fetish Con. I think it’s a nice way to say thank you to my fetish family who have always been so kind and loving to me.

And love, really, is what it’s all about.