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James Tynion IV Explains Rebirth Tim Drake

posted Sep 28, 2017, 7:03 PM by Vu Nguyen

DETECTIVE COMICS #965 (27 Sep 2017)
DC Comics
James Tynion IV: In the "New 52," Tim Drake had a different origin - a pretty fundamentally different one - that I think a lot of fans of the character felt did not speak to the core of who Tim Drake was.

What we did here - the scenes you're seeing played out here, word for word, are scenes from the original "Lonely Place of Dying."

That was a very deliberate choice.

This is us bringing the spirit of "Rebirth" into the comic books, because in order to really do a treatise on who Tim Drake is as a character, we needed to ground him back in his most iconic origin, the story that really defined him for a generation of fans.

So that's why we sort of - that's why we hammered that in right at the beginning, making sure that fans know the definitive "Rebirth" origin of Tim Drake is his original origin from "Lonely Place of Dying."