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John Byrne's 13 most memorable covers

posted Jul 7, 2017, 5:44 AM by Vu Nguyen

ACTION COMICS #600 (May 1988)
DC Comics
It’s July 6, which means it's the birthday of fan-favorite controversy-courting creator John Byrne! The writer and artist is easily one of the most celebrated artists of his generation and has worked on nearly every major Marvel and DC property, with work on each of DC's superhero trinity as well as franchise-defining runs on Marvel's Fantastic Four and Uncanny X-Men.



John Byrne was a big part of Superman's 50th-anniversary celebration (we'll get back to that with another cover in a moment), and for this cover he was inked by an artist who was just as successful drawing Wonder Woman as Byrne was at Superman: George Pérez. This was actually the "B" cover for this issue, but it's way better than the main one, as Supes plants one of the most seismic smooches ever on the princess of the Amazons. Appropriately stunning for such a big moment for both characters.