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La Borinqueña #2 cover by George Perez

posted Jun 7, 2017, 4:46 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Jun 7, 2017, 5:01 PM ]
From, thanks to Ilke

LA BORINQUENA #2 (Aug 2017)
Somos Arte LLC
What does 
it mean to you to have George Perez (Wonder Woman) do this next cover for the comic?
I grew up reading The Avengers and The New Teen Titans. When I learned that George Perez was Puerto Rican and that he also grew up in the South Bronx, like me, I knew that I could accomplish my dreams one day of being a storyteller. In 2016 I was booked for my first appearance as a guest at a comic con for Puerto Rico’s Aguada Comic Fest. The organizers asked if I could help them book George as well. I had been introduced to him by my good friend Phil Jimenez (New X-Men, The Invisibles) many years ago and he and I had stayed connected via social media. So I approached George with the invitation from Puerto Rico and he gladly accepted it. When we were both in Puerto Rico, I gave him a copy of La Borinqueña. He shared with me that this event was his first trip ever to Puerto Rico as a professional comic book artist. He was so proud and happy. One day after breakfast at the hotel we were staying at, he told me how much he loved La Borinqueña’s costume design. He loved that it wasn’t asymmetrical. He then asked if I would consider accepting a cover from him for my second issue. He wouldn’t accept a fee for the cover either. I was beyond honored. We kept in touch over the next few months after our trip to Puerto Rico. He apologized for the delay on the cover artwork and shared that his eyesight was worsening and that he’d be going in for another surgery to care for his glaucoma. He finally sent to me the artwork and I teared up when I saw it. He created a cover for my book that gave it a classic feel. I felt like I finally made it! When I followed up with George to show him the final cover colored by Juan Fernandez, I learned that his health took a turn for the worst, he had just had a heart attack. Given the direction his health has taken, he has publicly said that he will most likely not be drawing for some time. This cover, therefore, may be one of the last published pieces that he created, which makes it all the more important for me.

La Borinqueña #2 is currently available for preorder here.