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Marv Wolfman on Titans, Trigon, & Being Deathstroke's Daddy

posted Sep 7, 2019, 8:19 AM by Vu Nguyen

DC Comics
Excerpt: What prompted your decision to remove Kid Flash from the team before the landmark “Judas Contract” storyline?

The problem with a character like Kid Flash, and it was a problem all the time, is that let's say the Titans are in Titans Tower and they're talking, and suddenly they get a summons that there's a problem in New Jersey. Before Robin could get out of his chair, Kid Flash should have already been in Newark. He was too powerful. In my view when you have a team, no one character could dominate the entire series. What you had to constantly do is slow Kid Flash down and give him a reason not to rush ahead because he should be able to get there so fast. Essentially, I just felt that he actually made the other characters look weaker because he had to slow down and be with them. Of course, if there was a major problem, he should just go ahead and knock ‘em all down at super speed. So I removed him because he was literally too powerful for the group.