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Mav: Pittsburgh Comicon 2011

posted Aug 26, 2011, 8:05 PM by Vu Sleeper

PITTSBURGH COMICON 2011 (Apr 15-17, 2011), Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh Comicon 2011
By Mav on August 26, 2011 12:00 PM


Pittsburgh Comicon 2011 was way back in April. Max and I were joined by Chaste and Delilah for this one. Delilah was nice enough to come out in costume even though she wouldn't actually be debuting in the comic for several more months at that point.

Among the other photos here, you'll see a couple that I'm particularly happy about. I got a chance to get my photo taken with comics legends Jim Starlin and George Pérez. Starlin, in particular is of note because without his work on Dreadstar the whole concept of space epic comics might not even exist. And so without that, there'd certainly be no Hellcats. Both he and Pérez were great to meet as was everyone else at the con (just like always). Pittsburgh is the hometown show for Max and I, so it's always a lot of fun...