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Metal Men: Elements of Change to reprint Metal Men #1-6

posted Feb 18, 2021, 6:39 PM by Vu Nguyen

DC Comics
The Metal Men are back! And back and back and back again, as we take a deep look into Doc Magnus's lab as he experiments with what it means to be sentient. Meanwhile, a mysterious liquid Nth metal has appeared in the science site at Challengers Mountain that appears to have come through from the Dark Multiverse...

The Nth Metal Man has arrived from the Dark Multiverse right into Dr. Jenet Klyburn's research site-and it will destroy anything that stands in the way of it trying to stay in our world. As Magnus, Gold, Platinum, Iron, Lead, and Mercury rush to Dr. Klyburn's aid, one of them will meet their fate at the hands of Nth Metal Man!

Writer Dan DiDio and artist Shane Davis bring the Metal Men back together to battle the Nth Metal Man! This new kind of Metal Man is the most dangerous of them all, but what connection does he have to the Dark Multiverse? Find out more in this climactic conclusion!

Collects Metal Men issues #1-6.