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MN Toy Posse Summerville Swap at Event Horizon, Minneapolis (29 Jul 2018)

posted Jul 29, 2018, 11:12 PM by Vu Nguyen
MN Toy Posse Summerville Swap Flyer

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Minnesota Fan Fusion
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If you’re looking for a small toy convention or meet/trade toy collectors, check out the Minnesota Toy Posse shows (organized by Dave Wheeler and Mark Seekamp). We attended the MN Toy Posse Summerville Swap at Event Horizon in Minneapolis earlier today (Sunday, July 29), and it was a well-attended show, thanks to its free entry and local fanbase. As I’ve previously mentioned, I feel like these type of dealer shows should be free, like going to a yard sale or estate sale (unlike some other local shows like Blizzard World Minneapolis which charges an admission for entry).

Off hand, I heard it was cheap ($20) to get a table at the show. There were about 40 tables at the show, most of them in the main room, while about six sellers (I say sellers since it seems like some people had multiple tables to themselves) were in the two smaller adjacent rooms. Since it was cheap to get a table, they did pass on the savings on to the buyers. Prices were all really reasonable. For example, the harder to find Thanos (Walmart Exclusive) were sold between $25 or $30, which is only slightly above retail.

While some sellers were seasoned pros, most were just ordinary collectors who had excess/extra items they wanted to get rid of. A few times I had to hunt down the dealers (they were usually shopping at other tables) to give them money. Everyone was really nice and friendly.

The next big show I am attending will be MN Fan Fusion, taking place August 3-5, 2018. This is not a free show, it is about $20-$30, but what you get are some out of town guests and a much larger space (plus panels and other activities). If you’re looking for toys, based on my attendance last year, I can tell you that some dealers will have action figures there.

Note: Dave Wheeler, co-founder of Mind Wave Comics, will be a guest at MN Fan Fusion (as previously mentioned here).

MN Toy Posse Summerville Swap at Event Horizon, Minneapolis (29 Jul 2018)