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More Karaoke Story from Heroes Convention 2000

posted Jun 15, 2019, 7:09 AM by Vu Nguyen
Alan W writes:

HEROES COMIC CONVENTION 2000 (16-18 June 2000)
Charlotte, North Carolina

Well it's HeroesCon weekend in Charlotte. It's honestly not the same without George. provided me with my most wonderful HC memory of all. This was during GP's Gorilla Comics days. They had a fundraiser/mixer at a bar right beside the venue. There was Karaoke, and I sang Daydream Believer...and there was GP...right in front of me, jamming and singing along with me. Wow. My comic book idol singing along with me. What a moment!! Thank you GP...and all the best in enjoying your retirement!!

Seeing Mark Waid reminds me of another funny moment that night. Mark I guess used to be a lounge singer, so he starts a song, while singing it, he walk over to this couple who has no connection to the fundraiser, just out on a date and out of the blue says to them...Hi. What's your name...where you from? Lol. Froze them both. A hilarious moment.