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New digital comics for August and September 2011

posted Sep 3, 2011, 10:11 AM by Vu Sleeper
From Vu

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 PREVIEW (Digital) (31 Aug 2011)

FLASHPOINT: SECRET SEVEN #3 (Digital) (02 Sep 2011)

AUTHORITY #18 (Digital) (30 Aug 2011)
Here are a couple of digital comics available a few weeks ago from

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 PREVIEW (Digital) (31 Aug 2011) features the same page that was available in DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 #1 (Jul 2011), except with a few pages from the new JUSTICE LEAGUE comics.

AUTHORITY #18 (Digital) (30 Aug 2011) finally made it online, a year and a half after its print version,  THE AUTHORITY #18 (Jan 2010).

The disappointing Flashpoint: Secret Seven series' third issue is finally available digitally with FLASHPOINT: SECRET SEVEN #3 (Digital) (02 Sep 2011), with a savings of $1 from the print version.  I only pick up the series because it originally solicited that George Perez was going to be involved in the series - as it turned out, only the covers and partial first issues were done by Perez.