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New Teen Titans #31 original cover art

posted Aug 7, 2019, 7:56 PM by Vu Nguyen
From Bill J

NEW TEEN TITANS #31 (May 1983)
DC Comics
I remember buying this issue of Teen Titans off the spinner rack. The cover is by the supremely talented George Perez. Here, an anguished Raven, mistakenly believing the Teen Titans have been killed, goes totally berserk and just about kills the Brotherhood of Evil single-handedly. George Perez does a brilliant job bringing the scene to life. His work, whether on The Avengers, Wonder Woman, The New Teen Titans, or any of the myriad other titles he worked on, was always spot on. He had a real talent for drawing complex scenes with multiple characters, a solid sense of anatomy and a flair for composition. Most importantly, he knew how to tell a story.