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New Teen Titans appears in Ready Player One

posted Jul 16, 2018, 9:19 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Jul 17, 2018, 5:10 PM ]
From Vu

NEW TEEN TITANS #4 (Jan 1985)
DC Comics

New Teen Titans #4 (Jan 1985) page 9 appears on Ready Player One at 11:10 mins. The original pages had red background, so the version seen on the film may be a reprint or digital version. Written by Marv Wolfman, art by George Perez and Romeo Tanghal, colors by Adrienne Roy.

Also, Darren Johnson @IODarren mentioned that Raven appears on graffiti at about 1:16:50:

Update: It appears the page 9 in the film may actually be taken from the reprint on Tales of the Teen Titans #63 (Mar 1986). Notice the stark differences in colors in the original baxter pages on the left vs the newsprint on the right.