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Peter David interview at Dynamic Forces

posted Dec 7, 2020, 6:50 PM by Vu Nguyen

MAESTRO #1 (Variant Cover) (Aug 2020)
Marvel Comics
Dynamic Forces: Peter, what do you think of the popularity of your alt-future iteration of the Hulk these days? When you created the Maestro with George Perez in 1992’s Future Imperfect, did you ever think he would be one of the “hot things” of 2020?

Peter David: I absolutely did not. I’m always surprised when my characters have this kind of shelf life. Honestly, I thought by the end of Future Imperfect, that would be the end of it. Two issues and done. But something about the character caught on, and suddenly he was in a series of comics Marvel was producing, and then he was in video games and in animated series. And now there’s a whole new video world being produced where, when they were set up at New York Comic Con last year, they had a nine foot tall statue of the damned guy at their booth and I had my picture taken on his throne. Something about him has captured everyone’s imagination and they keep putting him out there, and the fans keep loving it.