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Photos from MCM Comic Con London 2019

posted Oct 27, 2019, 10:04 AM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Oct 27, 2019, 2:36 PM ]
Paul B writes:

MCM COMIC CON LONDON 2019 (25-27 Oct 2019)
London, England
I grew up with George Perez's art. From his early Marvel art on The Avengers in the 70's to his extraordinary work on Justice League Of America and The New Teen Titans in the early 80's. He has worked on every major (and not so major) DC and Marvel Comics character.

I am not aware of him ever doing a UK Con, and used to be so jealous of US con goers who had autos and photos from him. Today I met my comic hero, and he didn't disappoint.

George is a lovely man, and I was probably more star struck meeting him than any of the Doctor Who people i have met. He amazingly was signing for free-three at a time-then you could re queue. Just as well, as I had The New Teen Titans Omnibus, the Man Wolf Complete Collection (he told me that was his first colour comics work) The Titans TV DVD, a huge print of the cover of the first issue of New Titans 1 and Crisis On Infinite Earths Anniversary edition. I managed to get his auto on the JLA, TT and Wonder Woman pages inside the hardcover's reprint of History of The DC Universe. He really lit up when he saw the WW page.

When I returned for the third time (I had bought a large print of Avengers 187 which infamous Marvel editor/writer Jim Shooter had signed too) I told him this will definitely be my final visit "I'm already crying" he smirked.

So many happy people meeting this legend, but possibly not as happy as I was!

mrhjw1995 writes:

One of the best fan encounters I’ve ever had. George Pérez was a charming as he is talented, took a lot of time to sign my books and speak to me about his long career in comics and artwork. And he complimented my cosplay.

So happy to meet this legend in his field during his final appearance to the UK. Enjoy a well earned retirement Mr Pérez and thank you for all the amazing work.

Lindsay K writes:

They say you shouldn’t ever meet your heroes, but today I finally met mine and he more than exceeded my expectations. His run of Wonder Woman is what got me into comics, I am such a huge fan of his artwork and story arcs. I owe a lot to this man.

I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to meet him with his previous ill health and subsequent retirement, so I’m honoured to have had the chance to meet him at his final UK Con appearance.

He was as friendly as everyone had said he was, and he said he liked my dress 🙃

bluebabyicicle writes:

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the co-creator of Raven, George Pérez. I caught him just as he was leaving as he wasn’t feeling well but he still found the time to talk to me and take photos with me and was just absolutely lovely.

It was really fantastic to meet him and I’m so happy I got to show him my Raven cosplay 💜

Mark S writes:

Today George realised that he had competition at MCM London. This is my 7 year old daughter Rose sitting next to this amazing man and drawing some of her favourite heroes.