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Photos of George Perez from Megacon 2017

posted May 27, 2017, 10:14 AM by Vu Nguyen

(26 May 2017)
Orlando, Florida
Photos of George Perez from the Love is Love Charity Event at MEGACON 2017, in Orlando, Florida. 

This is George Perez's only convention appearance in 2017, per doctor's orders since his heart attack (29 April 2017). 

eyenoise writes:

Heck yeah comic book legend George Perez!

joshlovescinema writes:

Pics from the Love is Love event.  i was so happy to meet George Perez. He said "put your stuff down and let's take a proper picture" then he hugged me. Such a really nice guy. Then I got King to sign some Batman comics. It was a great event last night plus the money went to a good cause. Then there was Gail Simone and a bunch of others. Best bit for me though was when Scott Snyder remembered my name from when I got autographs earlier that day. He talked at our table and then had a conversation with Jim Zub between me about his future comic series. Then Jim Zub drew Aku for me. Really a great night.