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Poll: Which title would you like to see George Perez draw?

posted Aug 17, 2011, 7:51 PM by Vu Sleeper   [ updated Aug 19, 2011, 9:09 AM ]
From Vu

NEW TEEN TITANS #4 (Feb 1981)
Just having fun, but I've created a public poll under Comments.

Personally, I would love to see George return back to the Teen Titans.

Update: Cannot seem to work out how Google charts works, sorry. All fixed.
UPDATE 8/18/11: Obviously someone started spamming their vote for Marvel Comics early this afternoon and broke the calculation - I have originally only added 100 rows of data to work with, not really thinking it would go above that. I have added another few hundred rolls now, pie chart should work now.

Like I said, this is just a for fun poll and doesn't really mean anything, but here are some comments and votes that is quite interesting (see below).  A lot of good feedback regarding George Perez working on BATMAN.  Incidentally, the reason for the DC-only titles is because George is most likely in a DC exclusive contract.  

8/19/2011 09:51:45 Batman : MLB Draw Batman George!!
8/19/2011 03:37:51
Adam Strange : mark mcintosh : adam strange is a book i think would be kool and a book he once told me a book he would loveto do
8/18/2011 20:06:22
Aquaman : Glenn Simpson :  If and when Johns leaves Aquaman, he's going to need George.
8/18/2011 12:33:10
Batman : Tony Lorenz : Batman is the one series, George has never really done, he's done covers and short stories in annuals and such, has never really even drawn on compete issue, I would love to see it  
8/18/2011 07:00:19 Sachs & Violens : Arthur : Yeah, impossible at the moment due to Peter David's deal with Marvel, but I'd love to see more S & V.   
8/18/2011 00:20:00
Batman : Crash! Landen  : George drawing any title is a positive.   
8/17/2011 22:54:31
Teen Titans : Marcus  : No one can handle the Titans right other than George and Marv, though I think Dan Jurgens did a fairly decent job, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Phil Jimenez and Eduardo Barreto are tied for second place as artists.   
8/17/2011 21:49:49 Ambush Bug